About Our Centre

The Vic Park Community Centre is a small neighbourhood centre with a big heart.

Our building is located right at the centre of Vic Park, next door to Leisurelife and to John Macmillan Park, and our vision is to be the place where community happens; where people are empowered to thrive.  If you want to know more about ore direction you can get our strategic plan here


Our mission is to connect communities.  


We currently have a variety of programs on offer, run by local community groups, attending to local needs: a weekly meal open to all, a multicultural playgroup, a variety of adult learning opportunities, board games for connection, and a chance to dance in the dark in good company every Thursday.


Our Centre has big plans for the next few years, and we invite the whole community to help us make our place even more inviting and welcoming, and develop an inspired and inspiring program.


Operating since 1993, our Centre has been an important place for generations of Vic Park locals who have used the space for their needs.


We are a non-profit organisation run by an independent board of local people interested in seeing the Vic Park community thrive.

The Vic Park Community Centre receives State Government funding through the Department of Communities and acknowledges the generous support from Town of Victoria Park.

If you'd like to know what we've been up to you can read a long report about it here  or a short snappy one here.

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