What's On

The Victoria Park Community Centre works with many different organisations to host a range of regular programs. The programs are often free or low cost and are designed to promote learning, collaboration, creativity and to assist the vulnerable in our community.

In addition to these regular programs, the Centre collaborates and partners with many diverse stakeholders to curate a bespoke array of events including workshops, events, and programs to reach a broad audience. This includes school and after school programs for children, intergenerational activities, skill share workshops, art programs, public talks and education, parenting workshops and activities to promote positive mental health.

For more information on any of our activities, please email hello@vicparkcc.org.au or click on the links below!
Special Events
Mercycare at Playgroup
Everyday Counsellor
Glass: more than meets the eye festival
RnR Wellbeing
Cultural Dinners
Lego League 2022
Our Regular Program June - Dec 2022 
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Playgroup info
NEW regular event with Activate Mental Health
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