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Eating Well with Social Manna

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Did you know that over 90% of the bacteria out there are beneficial to us?

Fermenting is literally the bomb when it comes to healthy eating, as it increases the amount of beneficial bacteria we ingest, which helps us absorb more nutrients from foods.

Eating Well with Social Manna, our workshop down at the West End of Vic Park on February 1, was all about fermenting and eating healthy.

Sandro and Liz got hands on, showed us how to make kombucha, kimchi and fermented veggies. A glass of kombucha at the start and kimchi fritters at the end of the session were a delight!

Eating Well with Social Manna was the first of a series of workshops our Centre is taking out there, bringing the community together to learn cool stuff at the awesome third places we have in town.

Up next, Indoor Plants with Greenbunch, don't miss out.

For now, a big shout out to Sandro, Liz, Tristan and the whole team at Social Manna, for the fermenting fun!

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