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Indoor Plants at Green Bunch

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Vic Park is full of great third spaces, places where we can hang out that are not our homes or our work places. One of our favourites is GreenBunch, a green oasis in East Vic Park.

So we invited the community to go there and learn about what Green Bunch does best: indoor plants.

It was a lovely morning spent at the backyard, learning how to keep our own indoor oasis thriving. There was coffee and treats for everyone, courtesy of Bunch Cafe.

If, like some of our attendees, you didn't know Green Bunch has one of the best outdoor spaces on the strip, you should pay them a visit soon. We were glad to have introduced the place to some new people!

Shellie, owner-operator of Green Bunch, shared loads of info and tips on maintaining plants indoors, and generously raffled some of her best products.

People brought pics of their suffering plants at home, and discussed how best to revive them -- did you know that some plants like to be close to each other?

Green Bunch team and their space are so lovely, we're already planning what to offer there next. Leave any suggestions in the comments!

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