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Skill Share #2 Keeping Chooks

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

If you live in Vic Park and need info on keeping backyard chickens, there's no one better than local Simone Harrington for some advice.

Simone generously opened her backyard, did a bit of a show-and-tell and shared a tad of her knowledge at out second Skill Share session on February 22.

She showed us her coop - which she built herself -, told us about what she feeds her chooks, how they love and need to dirt bathe, what they eat, how to deal with broody chickens, add new chickens to the flock, where to source different breeds.

And so much more! The best part was when Sabrina, the chook, joined us for a live demonstration of how important it is to cuddle your chickens.

It's all about keeping them healthy, and there is no better way to ensure that than having them up and close.

Some of the attendees already keep chickens and got some inspiration on how to better manage their flocks, and some we able to access good info on how to get started.

Best of all, we spent an afternoon chatting about something everyone is interested in, there was tea and treats, and loads of entertainment from the chooks!

Skill Share Vic Park is about community sharing knowledge and skills with each other. Have a skill to share? Drop us a line at

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