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We're all in this together - tips for social solidarity

Image by ElizaIO (Flickr) via Creative Commons

With Coronavirus spreading fast and governments likely to advise on ‘social distancing’ measures soon, we’ve been exploring pro-social things we all can do, even if we have to stay home as much as possible.

Here are a few ideas - hat tip to loads of people working with communities around the world for the inspiration.

We encourage you to add more and share around, the more people we get thinking about how to make a positive difference in this extraordinary time, the better.

+ Think of others, call them for a chat, use video if possible.

+ Consider your actions and be kind – most of us probably have enough toilet paper and other supplies to last a while, avoid buying more so people in need can access it, or share some of what you have. #PutYourRollsOut

+ Connect and reach out – do your neighbours need someone to walk their dog? Can your book club meet online?

+ Support vulnerable people #1 – have you been in touch with your parents and older relatives to see how they are going and if they need a hand?

+ Support vulnerable people #2 – do organisations in your area – like homelessness centres – need anything you could assist with? Reach out and offer to help.

+ Digital needs – are you a tech wiz and can help others connect online? Reach out and offer to assist.

+ Make the most of online communities – local groups like this and this are great places to connect with others and assess how to make a positive difference. Tell us in the comments what other online communities your are part of.

+ Support service people out there – consider tipping any delivery or service people who come around for you.

+ Keep exercising – you can do yoga, weight-lifting and even cardio exercise at home, there’s plenty of guidance online.

+ Slow down – there’s loads of stuff to do around the house other than scrowling down on social media. Cook a nice meal, read books – they are fantastic home entertainment! –, work in the garden, do the chores you’ve been postponing, have long chats, try meditating.

+ Remember: physical distance might be needed at the moment, but we can’t afford a mindset of separation. “Every hand that we don’t shake must become a phone call that we place. Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression or warmth and concern” – Rabbi Yosef Kanesfky.

+ Take inspiration from Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler:

“Soon the embraces will be back, and time for long kisses

If you see a friend, greet her with your soul

Smile, throw her a kiss – even from afar we can be close

We don’t touch each other’s hearts only with our hands”

Image by ElizaIO (Flickr) via Creative Commons

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