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This is all we’ve got

I've been walking quite a lot. To my local oval. Around the block. To the Swan River foreshore. We're so lucky here in Vic Park to have that. So accessible. Not restricted. And it's just a few minutes from our place. So I've been there almost every day. More than I used to. Gyms have been closed for a while and I try to find opportunities to exercise. But it's not only the psychical part of it. It's the sense of connection with others, with my community, with this place I call home. And home is a word that became more and more present in our lives. What is home for you?

While walking I try to pay attention to everyone that I come across with. I wonder how they are feeling and coping with all these changes and uncertainty. I don't know. They pass and go their way. And I continue my walk, just wishing them well. Thinking that we can only overcome this whole situation and prevent further pandemics if we see our interconnection. With other people, animals and nature.

I return home and have a beautiful and ripe papaya waiting for me. Patiently waiting to nourish me. To give me all the best that plants can give, and to boost my immune system. To make me happy.

And this simple, often overlooked papaya is also vast and deep. Like this very moment we're going through. This is all we’ve got, it’s all now, and there’s nowhere to go but here.


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