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Updated: May 6, 2020

Hello Vic Park,

Welcome to my first EVER blog post ! I am super excited to have the opportunity to talk to you all about my thoughts and feelings during this clearly hectic time. However, excited as I am, I have been equally as nervous as to what I should write and how I should reflect on the difficult period we are facing. This challenging time is effecting all of our lives in many ways. I hope that even with all of this chaos, what I write is able to distract you for a moment, make you smile or amuse you even for a second.

My name is Emily, I am 19 years old and have lived in Victoria Park for 3 years now. I study as a full time uni student and work as a causal employee in the hospitality industry. I have absolutely loved living in this area, not only is it close to everything, but the sense of community I have felt over the past three years has blown me away. I have always had a strong connection with Vic Park, but ironically, it has been through this period of isolation that I have felt the closest.

Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to land a job in a well loved cafe, where I have made many connections and friendships. Thankfully, I have been able to continue to work, due to them making many adaptions to suit the current environment. When working I have received many kind words of encouragement and good will from those who continue to support myself and my workplace.

I hope that as I continue to write these blog entries you come to learn more about myself as a person. I am looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts during this challenging time and hope that an experience I have will resonate with you. At this time in particular we are all sharing difficulties and I want you to know that you are supported. I wish you and your families health and happiness.

Make today better!

Until next week, Emily

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