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Meet Hugo

Born in the cosmopolitan Lisboa and raised in Amadora, the most African Portuguese city, early I got into touch with the highly contagious rhythmic sounds and culture and until recently presented two radio shows on RTRFM 92.1: Lusophone Beats, the first Australian radio show dedicated to music and culture from world’s diverse Portuguese-speaking countries and Global Rhythm Pot. Before moving to Australia, I’ve worked in Portugal, Mozambique and East-Timor. I’m a professional youth worker, registered counsellor, uni tutor, father and husband who lives and loves being a part of the Victoria Park community.

I would love to share my story to allow others to see this whole situation through my unique and diverse lens. At the same time, I believe sharing stories it’s a magical way to recognise our collective interconnection and interdependence in these unsettling times and where all of us are experiencing some degree of fear and uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

I’m currently well and my family in Australia and overseas is too. On the other hand, we’re all experiencing a major shift to our daily habits, practices and preferences. We can’t go out as we used, especially to our local favourite places in Victoria Park and Perth Metro. BBQs, coffee catch up with friends, movies, restaurants; all of that has been put on hold. Also, my wife and I are now working from home and adjusting to new office reality where instead of having that chatty colleague we now have a 5-year old requesting attention and wanting to play.

No more coffee breaks with the workmates. We now do pillow fighting, 10-min LEGO or mini gardening sessions breaks. Despite all the impact, we have been connecting regularly with family and following news in Portugal, friends in Mozambique and East-Timor, where we left part of our hearts and identities. Lastly, as a family, we have been trying to develop some awareness practices about ourselves, our life in Australia and the whole vulnerable world. There’s never been another moment like this moment and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share with you what’s happening with me in the time of coronavirus.

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