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New Normal

Hello Vic Park,

Can you believe a week has passed already ?!?!

Being stuck at home, it feels like the days have been dragging on, yet somehow the week has flown… kind of weird how that works. I hope you have all been well and keeping yourselves busy during these difficult times. I am sure many of you are wanting to get as much work done with as little distraction as possible. However, I don’t think I am alone in finding this a little difficult.

Adjusting to my updated Uni schedule has been one of the biggest changes I have had to adapt to. With all classes moving to an online platform, adjusting to new styles of study has been challenging. I personally love going into uni. I enjoy being in a classroom, interacting with my peers and asking as many questions as I like. I work best when surrounded by others working hard. The library was my happy place. The sound of people tapping away on their keyboards kept me motivated and listening to others try to quietly open snacks under the desk kept me entertained. At the library you would see the regulars, the ones who had clearly been there from sunrise to sundown (and possibly sunrise again) and the newbies trying to make sense of the cataloging system.

Instead, I have had to try and keep up the same level of motivation at home. It has been difficult to not take millions of breaks through the day but I am finally getting some sort of system going. I am someone who likes structure, organisation and things going to plan. In the current circumstances I don’t think that is possible. I have felt quite disorientated and it has been hard to figure out a new plan of action without being overwhelmed by all the stress. Like everyone else I have had to adapt and find things that keep me happy.

One thing I have started to do, that I never though I would do, is an exercise challenge. It's a workout you do every day for 35 days. My friend needed some motivation and without thinking I agreed… not really taking into account the amount of pain I would be in. Calling her everyday and being active has really kept me happy. There is a lot of negative news lately but stay positive, try to find some routine in your life and connect with those who make you smile.

Until next week,


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